Bio-EcoMatter is a technological, innovative and nature-based solution that reduces the environmental impact of materials used in various industries. It contributes to the transition to a circular economy and helps the construction sector meet its sustainability goals while promoting environmental conservation.

  • GHG emission reduction

  • Elimination of the overexploitation of sand

  • Valorization of agricultural waste, abundant worldwide

  • Reduction of energy and water consumption




  • Weight reduction between 20 and 40%

  • Performance improvement in terms of m² of covered surface

  • No investment in process transformation with respect to traditional mortar manufacturing

  • Flexibility, resistance and versatility

  • Cost reduction between 20 and 40% with respect to traditional mortar

  • Reduction of transport of raw materials

  • National Patent and PCT with positive exam from the European Office of Patents and Brands

It is a lightweight, sustainable and low cost bio-mortar, applicable as construction material, mortar for revoke, decoration and masonry.

Bio-EcoMatter is winner of the Metabuilding project

The objective of the project has been the characterization, optimization and development of a new biomortero (especially for the building envelope) based on waste with specific characteristics, but very abundant worldwide.

The cross-border and cross-sectoral consortium has been formed by:

  • 360 SOLUCIONES CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO, from the circularity and recycling sector: coordinated the project, the marketing, industrial protection and Life Cycle Assessment of Bio-EcoMatter.

  • INTROMAC - Instituto Tecnológico de Rocas Ornamentales y Materiales de Construcción: responsible for the validation of the producto in the laboratory, in order to certify the product in the target market.

  • SABRAB, from the construction sector, specialized in bioconstruction: validated the product in real buildings, in rehabilitation and new construction in rural hotel Herdade do Magarreiro (Alandroal, Portugal).

  • AUSCULTIA, engineering specialized in structural analysis: guaranteed that the mortar applied in the pilot buildings complies with international technical quality standards.

  • FIRMAMENTUM INGENIERÍA, from the digital sector: developed in BIM format solutions and tools designing solutions with the new mortars according to their technical characteristics.